ROOFTOP CITY is revolutionising the building industry by making off-site, industrial construction a viable option for homeowners, developers and architects.

We are turning our attention to the untapped potential of rooftop spaces to expand our cities and improve city properties with respect for the existing architecture.

This is not the future of building, it’s the present and we passionately believe that these proven construction methods should have been used more widely for a long time.

Rooftop City is an end-to-end construction method, which is better, faster and cheaper than traditional construction processes. We can help you to build better and the applications are endless!

What We Offer

ROOFTOP CITY is being developed in partnership with La Casa de la Tejado and Cordeel. Together we are unlocking the potential of offsite construction and helping you to enjoy its many benefits.

City centre building made easy

Rather than look for undeveloped areas, our methods allow you to use our cities’ flat rooftops and create beautiful new living spaces in the most popular, highly developed urban environments

Innovation and Integration

Rooftop City and our partners in Spain, La Casa por el Tejado, specialize in the restoration and repurposing of existing buildings by integrating innovative elements into the original architecture.

Construction in difficult environments

Our method allows construction works to be carried out in places where traditional building is impossible. We can work in busy, urban environments with minimal disruption.

Flexible building system

Made to order, off-site with all the materials and finishes you desire. Building inside a factory environment enables better quality control, without any restrictions on design or dimensions.

Faster build, higher quality and lower price

The building system and controlled environment reduces delays, is highly efficient and automated to bring down the cost, while improving quality. The unit can be installed in just a few days for minimal disruption.

Experience, expertise and technology

Our team have successfully completed many top quality projects in prime urban areas.

Rooftop City

Our Building System is striving to make the construction industry better by applying technology, innovation and off-site manufacturing techniques to the process of building properties.

Offsite Construction

Building in clean, indoor, factory environments is key to improving construction projects for everyone, saving time and money and improving quality.

Connecting the dots

We remove uncertainty from construction by handling the whole process, from start to finish, using technology to improve efficiency and quality.

Sourcing the best products

We think big to source the best products, at the best price from around the world. Dealing direct brings down costs, reduces delays and keeps clients happy.

Become a professional partner

Rooftop City work hand in hand with professionals in the construction industry to make ambitious projects a reality. Our team can partner with architects, developers and construction companies, as well as community owners and managers to support your project. Using our logical building system can improve construction processes and save you time and money and the applications are endless.

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