We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the second edition of the Salon of Co-Ownership at the Brussels Expo Palace 3 on the 29th of November. Organized by the Belgium Union of Community Managers, this event will offer lots of great information for anyone involved in community owned buildings including presentations and a consultation zone. They expect over 3,000 community managers and administrators, owners and developers to be in attendance, as well as four Ministers.

Rooftop City’s partner Rob Van de Velde will be speaking at the event to explain the benefits of rooftop construction for communities. This will be a great platform to share the opportunities that unused rooftop space offers a community, something which is very little understood. We are very excited to be able to help communities unlock the potential of this space to generate income, increase the number of owners and fund refurbishment and repair work or new developments within the community.

We know that ongoing maintenance is so important to protect the assets of the community, yet money to undertake this work is not always easy to find. Rooftop City offers a solution to this problem with a simple formula.

  1. Rooftop City purchases your roof space, generating excellent income for the community, without having to ask the co-owners for contributions
  2. We create a brand new floor, on top of the existing building, but in keeping with your architectural style. This is created off-site and craned into place in just a few days, removing the disruption and noise caused by a conventional build.
  3. The community gets new owners who contribute to the community, increasing further the funds and creating a profitable and successful community structure

Find out more about what we can offer community owned buildings by coming along to Rob Van de Velde’s talk at the Salon of Co-Ownership, or by contacting our helpful team. We would be happy to explain how this could work for your community and the potential value of your roof space, so you can propose it to your community. Please contact us for more information.