Rooftop Living

Smart filling the skyline of the cities

Filling up the city skylines is not just a fashion idea.

Responding to becoming increasingly scarce-the open space, but also the living and office space, it will continue over the coming decades, under the impetus of a growing population to become more important.

That is why cities are working on smart condensing principles such as green in fillings, the renewal of brown fields or urban expansion projects. And there will be carried out in height with building blocks. Only that may not happen in a hurry.

Rooftop City was created for this. We offer one win-win situation for owners of buildings and houses, new ones residents and cities.

Our mission is to make cities grow and to make them more beautiful through use the existing buildings. Penthouses with terraces will be off-site build – tailored to the building – complete (including kitchen, plumbing, electricity …).

Each flat is unique and adapted to the surroundings.

Look to the skies for the future of building

 We are looking to the untapped potential of the empty rooftops in our cities. They have unrivalled potential to be developed in the most popular areas, even with little or no available space at ground level.

 Using the city’s empty rooftops is not simply a fashionable idea, it is the perfect solution to a growing problem. It responds to the increasing need for housing as our population grows, and the popularity of urban living, which is driving yet more people into our crowded cities.

We lack open space for development and an ever-increasing need for living and office space. Our governments and developers are working on this problem, using infill to convert open spaces into areas for development, the renewal of brownfields and urban expansion projects. It is also why apartment and office blocks continue to grow ever higher.

Unfortunately, all of these take time and come with large price tags. So we are looking to the rooftops for smart solutions to building in our cities.

Rooftop City was created to explore the possibilities of these unused rooftop spaces and make it easy for owners and builders to create wonderful living spaces, right where they are wanted. Our technology and know-how offers a win-win situation for property owners, residents and space strapped cities.

Our mission is to make cities grow and to make them more beautiful by constructing on top of existing buildings. We can create brand new penthouses with terraces off-site and install them complete with kitchen, plumbing and electricity onto a flat roof. Each flat is unique, inside and out and can be tailored to blend into the existing setting, while creating wonderful living spaces, right where you want them.

Contact us to find out more about how you can be part of the rooftop revolution.