Work with Us

If you are a professional architect, designer, engineer or developer, we can offer you our Rooftop City building system as part of your next project.

This system, our experienced team and our commitment to excellence means that you can rely on us to cut down the build time, improve consistency and quality and remove the uncertainty which comes from using multiple providers and trades.

We offer an end-to-end service, but you can also work with us on just a part of the project and we can support you to get the results that your clients want.

Our Building System makes building better by applying technology, innovation and off-site manufacturing techniques to the process of building properties.

We use Offsite Construction in clean, factory environments to improve construction projects for everyone, saving time and money and improving quality.

Our method allows construction works to be carried out in places where traditional building is impossible. The unit can be installed in just a few days for minimal disruption, so we can work in busy, urban environments with minimal disruption.

We think big to source the best products, at the best price from around the world. Dealing direct brings down costs, reduces delays and keeps clients happy. Our team have successfully completed many top quality projects in prime urban areas. You can trust us to be your partner and deliver the project your client deserves, on time and on budget.

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